Leadership Academy

2018 CAR Leadership Academy

Behind every successful REALTOR® is a sense of community. The more you know about your community and become involved the more successful you are likely to be. Recognizing this, in 2010 the Capital Area REALTORS® established a leadership development program known as the CAR Leadership Academy. The intent of this program is to train visionary leaders for our Association and our communities by equipping them with skill, knowledge and confidence to excel – ingredients that are also an integral part of our member’s personal growth.

Do you have the making of a great leader?

Are you visionary? Do you enjoy a challenge? Are you willing to take on responsibility? Are you a problem solver? Do you enjoy a mental toughness? Do you have peer respect? If you possess these qualities we encourage you to become a candidate to participate in the 2017 CAR Leadership Academy.


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Program Description

Do you have the making of a great leader?

Are you visionary? Do you enjoy a challenge? Are you willing to take on responsibility? Are you a problem solver? Do you enjoy a mental toughness? Do you have peer respect? If you possess these qualities we encourage you to become a candidate to participate in the 2017 CAR Leadership Academy.

The CAR Leadership Academy . . .

  • Identifies the “Best of the Best’ - individuals who are willing to give their time, talent and expertise to ensure the continued vitality and solidity of the CAR’s future leadership; 
  • Builds leadership qualities in REALTORS® who want to be pro-active, bold and enlightened when asked to serve CAR or their community; 
  • Recognizes that real leaders are ordinary people with extraordinary determination.

From leadership training, participants can gain . . .

  • The ability to identify their own strengths and management style and to understand how that style complements or detracts from relationships with those who employ different approaches. 
  • A deeper understanding of how the REALTOR® association – national, state, and local – works, and how the various aspects complement one another. 
  • A network of new contacts with whom they can commiserate and brainstorm.

When participants leave the Academy, they take with them valuable skills they can apply in their business and personal lives. Those business-building leadership skills are an attractive incentive for many members to volunteer in their community and their association by taking on leadership roles. While graduation from the Academy will not guarantee anyone preference in future committee appointments, the CAR Leadership Academy helps participants improve their leadership skills to address the challenges that their businesses and associations face.

Hear What Some of our Past Graduates Had to Say!

“Thank you to the CAR Leadership Academy for providing such a quality educational opportunity. I was truly amazed at how much I gained from the experience and how fortunate I felt to be able to par-ticipate in such a well organized, challenging, and rewarding Leadership program. I HIGHLY recommend to anyone and everyone to take advantage of the wonderful opportunity of the CAR Leadership Academy. Thank you!
~ CJ Beck, RE/MAX Professionals

"Being a newer agent this experience was extremely rewarding! The various modules of the CAR Leadership Academy gave me the skills to both grow my business and appreciate all that CAR has to offer.”
~ Dominic Campo, Campo Realty

“Being in the mortgage business for 18 years I thought I had a grasp on everything surrounding the real estate industry; wrong!   The Leadership Academy enhanced my knowledge of this ever changing industry, enlightened me on government issues that I never considered, and helped me better understand the business from the other side.  Also the new friends and bonds you make with fellow candidates.   I cannot say enough about this program and its effectiveness.”
~ Greg Tally, Marine Bank 

"Personally and professionally a tremendously rewarding program! From the relationships formed and strengthened, the personal growth and development involved, and the insights into the inner workings of our Association, I couldn’t have had a better experience!”  ~ Brad Dyer, Town & Country Bank Mortgage Services, Inc.

“The CAR Leadership Academy opened my eyes in ways I didn’t expect. From being a preparation for public speaking, to an inspiration for public service, the experience gave me ideas and encouragement to be not only the best I can be in business, but in life.” 
Gail Wasmer, The Real Estate Group





2018 Program Dates & Content

(Topic areas are subject to change)

Special Kickoff Reception: Mingle with Work Group members, past Graduates & Directors
(January 4, 2018 | 4:30p—6:30p at CAR)

Session I: 21st Century Leadership
(January 11, 2018 | 9:00a—1:00p)

Session II: Public Relations & Communicating Your Message
(January 25, 2018 | 9:00a—1:00p)

Session III: Advocacy & Protecting Your Business: The Statehouse
(February 6, 2018 | 9:00a—1:00p)

Session IV: CAR and its Crucial Role
(February 16, 2018 | 9:00a—1:00 p)

Session V: Government in Action: City Hall*
(March 6, 2018 | 4:30p-8:00p EVENING SESSION*)

Session VI: IR Capital Conference
(April 10, 2018 | 11:30a-3:00 p)

Graduation: Graduation will be held in conjunction with the Annual Awards Program to be held on March 21, 2018.

Leadership Academy Graduates


  • CJ Beck
  • Jerry Boster
  • Adam Bugos
  • Nick Campo
  • Suzie Duff
  • Jason Gibson
  • Lezlie Hearn
  • Candice Lovelace
  • Julie McCormick
  • John McIntyre
  • Kerris Osborn
  • Megan Pressnall
  • James J. Skeeters, Jr.
  • Ronald Skeeters
  • Terry Wilhite
  • Gina Wolter


  • Ashley Coker
  • Susan Denby
  • Brad Dyer
  • Jennifer Franklin
  • Carla Green
  • Dean Hawk
  • Tim Robinson
  • Rachel Pate
  • Greg Tally
  • Gail Wasmer


  • Kaye Brittin 
  • Dominic Campo 
  • Timothy Kearney 
  • Lisa LaRue 
  • Jake Mabus 
  • Brittany Merold 
  • Trent Peterman 
  • Patrick Selinger 
  • Sonia Tankersley 
  • Janet Trader


  • Lori Conn 
  • Andrew C. Cornet 
  • John E. Fidler 
  • Kassie Kern Furman 
  • Lori Hammel 
  • Jane Hay 
  • Sarah Michelle Quattrin 
  • Tracy Shaw 
  • Paul Smay 
  • Jonathan J. Sturgeon


  • Melissa Betty 
  • Ed Bowen 
  • Mitzi Brandenburg 
  • Anthony Buscher 
  • Sandy Hamilton 
  • Cris Lust 
  • Dana Lyons 
  • Angie Miller 
  • Marcia Perkins 
  • Kevin Jarvis 
  • Stephanie Verardi


  • Doris Bailey 
  • Jennifer Benanti 
  • Shelley Berendt 
  • Misty Buscher 
  • Chris Cleeton 
  • Natalie Dodson 
  • Steve Dove 
  • Lisa Ernst 
  • Ki McCurley 
  • Deb Sarsany


  • Lee-Ann Burgener 
  • Kristie DeBrun 
  • Kim Elliott 
  • Stepheni Ferguson 
  • Mike Finley 
  • Joy Gilliland 
  • Heather Gleason 
  • Amy Raftis 
  • Jim Rychel 
  • Troy Roark

Program Criteria and Process

Interested candidates must complete and submit an application. Eligible candidates include REALTOR® and Affiliate members of the Capital Area REALTORS® who are in good standing.

  • only 10 REALTOR® and Affiliate member participants can be accepted into this year’s program 
  • nominations will be considered by a review committee 
  • there is no fee to participate 
  • once accepted, students must commit to completing the entire slate of assignments

2018 Leadership Academy Work Group

Feel free to contact any of these individuals if you have questions

  • Susan Madison, Chair 
  • Diane Davenport, Vice-chair
  • Jerry Boster
  • Kristie DeBrun
  • Susan Denby
  • Suzie Duff
  • Jennifer Franklin
  • Lezlie Hearn
  • Cris Lust
  • Sam Nichols
  • Megan Pressnall
  • Bill Townsend